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Correction Detail – Restores abused paint finishes 7.5 – 10 hrs
This detail includes everything in the above services and is designed to restore the paint finish to near perfect condition. We use multiple polishing steps to remove swirl marks, light to medium scratches and other paint imperfections. In many cases the results are better than the original finish from the factory. This service restores abused paint finishes and is designed for older or neglected vehicles.
Includes everything in the above services plus-
• Multi-stage machine polishing to remove moderate
scratches, swirls & other paint imperfections
* Special attention is given to emblems, trim, door jambs,
and all cracks and crevices 
(Engine Detailing can be added for an additional $40.00)

Cars & Small Trucks
Full Detail $355.00 Exterior Only $300.00
Small SUV’s & Mid-Size Trucks
Full Detail $395.00 Exterior Only $335.00
Large SUV’s, Trucks & Mini-Vans
Full Detail $425.00 Exterior Only $395.00
SST Ceramic Coating Services

Cquartz UK Ceramic Paint Protection
Cars compact: $450            
Roadsters; $400
Regular :$500
SUV/TRUCK/MINIVANS:                                                               * CUSTOM SERVICES AVAILABLE * 
Small: $600                                                                                             
Medium: $850                                                                                           Ceramic Wheel Coating  :
Large: $950                                                                                                              15"-18"  $105.00 / 4 wheels
X-Large: $1200                                                                                                        19"- 22" $135.00 / 4 wheels

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